• emotional intelligence blog

    Can I improve my emotional intelligence?

    Emotional intelligence has now become a part of our everyday work discussions about working relationships, what makes a good leader, and how people cope with pressures and stress. While the principles behind emotional intelligence have been studied for a long time, the business world’s interest in this concept started in the mid-late 90s. Compared to other constructs such as traditional cognitive intelligence or conscientiousness, we only …

  • Job Sharing Blog Image

    Job Sharing: Successful Methods for Employee-Pairing

    Job sharing is on the rise due to its ability to create a harmonious work-life balance. Read on to find out how psychometric testing can best be harnessed to achieve successful employee pairings.

  • indigenous selection

    A study by People Solutions reveals some key findings when looking to understand best practices when recruiting and selecting diverse Australian workforce.

  • safety assessment blog

    Does Safety Add Value To Recruitment & Selection?

    While there is a significant focus on safety in the industrial sector, many organisations continue to ‘struggle’ with how they can predict employee’s safety behaviours before they join the organisation (recruitment & selection). “To measure appropriate safety behaviours” So why use a Safety Assessment? Improving or developing the safety culture of an organisation involves re-designing systems and changing the attitudes of individuals currently employed, but also …

  • Psychometric Testing: Not just for recruitment

      The majority of our customers use psychometric testing for recruitment purposes. They use these tests to understand more about their candidate’s way of behaving on the job. While this is one of the best ways of using psychometric testing, there are many other purposes. Psychometric testing can provide individuals, managers and organisations with useful information at all points of the talent management cycle. We can …

  • Retirement – it sucks…..or does it?

    Why bother retiring?  You lose your pay packet, your identity, your work relations, and for most, your main purpose in life.  Retirement seems like the next step to death, and that’s not cool. For me, approaching retirement, I had all these thoughts and feelings. So with that in mind, I fronted up to see my Retirement Coach. I was hesitant and yet curious to know if …

  • Supervised VS Unsupervised Psychometric Testing

    Organisations big and small are using psychometric testing to select the right candidate, paying off in the long term with less turnover, more engagement and ultimately a better employee job and culture fit.

  • Using Technology in your Graduate Campaign

    We can confidently say that everyone knows at least one person who makes more eye contact with their phone than people. Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate, whether that is good or bad remains your choice.

  • How to be a Resilient Organisation?

    In today’s challenging economy, resilient organisations are the ones that are not just surviving but flourishing. At People Solutions’ yearly conference in early September we discussed how we are leading by example and how we can continue to grow our ability as a resilient organisation.

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