Blog: Selection

  • Benefits of Using Assessment Centres to Hire Graduates

    It can be quite challenging for an organisation to identify the most suitable candidate for a graduate role. With an inherent lack of practical experience, an applicant may only be able to demonstrate competency based on presumptions of their own behaviour. It’s also highly likely that most candidates will be unfamiliar with answering interview questions, having only encountered such situations though applications for casual jobs and …

  • Talkative + Friendly = Success

      Are Assessment Centres fair to all? Over the years of facilitating Assessment Centres for all different types of job roles, we have seen a trend where the most talkative, interactive and engaging candidates score higher than those who are quieter or contribute less in the quantity of what they say. This hit home for our team even more so recently, when a family member of …

  • Assessment Centres Designed Specifically for Diversity

    The importance of a diverse workforce continues to be a key driver for all Employers. Whilst ensuring inclusion, diversity of thought, creativity and strong decision-making is at the forefront of their minds at all times. But are we doing all we can to meet our Diversity goals? Are we giving all people the best chance of success? People Solutions has invested heavily in the best practice …

  • indigenous selection

    A study by People Solutions reveals some key findings when looking to understand best practices when recruiting and selecting diverse Australian workforce.

  • Using Technology in your Graduate Campaign

    We can confidently say that everyone knows at least one person who makes more eye contact with their phone than people. Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate, whether that is good or bad remains your choice.

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