Customer survey



We are conducting a review of our services and would appreciate no more than five minutes of your time.  Your feedback will help us continue to improve our delivery of services and support. This survey is confidential and we would appreciate your honest feedback.

This Survey involves questions (12 in total) covering 3 areas of the assessment business including the Administrative Process, our Consultants and the Written Reports. For each section, please could you rate each question based on a rating scale ranging from 1 (Poor), 2 (Fair), 3 (Good), 4 (Very Good) and 5 (Excellent).

  • Administration Process

  • ExcellentVery goodGoodFairPoor
    The timeliness of our response to your requests
    The turnaround time from the request date to when you receive the report
    Keeping you informed of the assessment process
  • Consultants

  • ExcellentVery goodGoodFairPoor
    Our understanding of your needs when requesting assessments
    Our explanation of the assessments and their purpose
    The helpfulness of our consultants
    The quality of the verbal feedback we provide
    The clarity of our responses to your questions (if any)
  • Our Written Reports

  • ExcellentVery goodGoodFairPoor
    The relevance of reporting to the role requirements
    The clarity of the language used
    The usefulness of the reference check questions
    The usefulness of tips for managing candidates
    The length
    The layout
    The overall usefulness of our written reports when selecting candidates
  • Overall Service

  • Strong AgreeAgreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeDisagreeStrong Disagree
    Do you feel you are getting value for money
  • Extra Information

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