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Please assist us in improving the LSAT by completing our short (5 mins) Safety Leadership Questionnaire.

Your responses will help us, not only to improve our assessment, but to create effective safety leadership development interventions designed to benefit people like you.

Upon completion of the survey, you may request to receive verbal feedback on your responses. Please contact our Commercial Research Lab Team to find out how – (08) 9388 0300 or


  • Your responses to this survey will be used for the purposes of improving our Safety Leadership Attributes Test (LSAT) and the development of effective safety leadership interventions.

    Your responses will only be used for the purpose stated above and are treated as private and confidential. This means:

    1. only the researchers at People Solutions with have access to your response data,
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    3. no identifiable data will be released to a third party (including your employer) unless required by law, and
    4. your participation is this study is entirely voluntary. You can choose to stop participating at any time without explanation.
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