How to make exit interviews an invaluable development opportunity

Exit interviews can be powerful tools to help drive your organisation’s success. With the right exit interview questions and process, you can turn an employee’s departure from a potentially sensitive, negative situation into an opportunity to learn and improve, while ensuring the employee leaves on the best possible terms.

Why engage us to conduct your exit interview process?

Our experience in conducting exit interviews means we have developed a highly streamlined process that ensures we ask exactly the right questions.

We offer an objective take on the situation, along with insightful written feedback that you can use to inform key strategic and operational decisions.

Forget the exit interview checklist

There are no off-the-shelf solutions at People Solutions. We don’t go in for exit interview checklists or have an interview-by-numbers process.

In addition to tailoring our solution for your organisation, we personalise the exit interview experience for the interviewee. This ensures we gather as much useful information as possible, often adapting our questions to delve deeper and provide greater insight.

And because we don’t have a checklist approach, we’re able to apply the proven principles behind our exit interview process to any role, at any level, right through to the highest executives.

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