Safety behaviour change starts with culture

Safety procedures ensure your workplace is safe in theory. Safety culture ensures it’s safe in reality by empowering everyone to make the right decisions for their security, every day.

When we talk about safety solutions, we’re talking about accelerating the development of the right safety behaviours and strong safety cultures.

Safety needs to be nurtured at every level – from the casual employee to the C-suite; the individual to the team. Only then will you create a strong, sustainable, safety performance culture where processes are followed, corners aren’t cut, reactions are thought through, employees have the courage to speak up and management acts upon concerns.

Creating individual and organisational safety behaviour change takes a whole of system approach. 

Our Approach

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or quit smoking you’ll know that individual behaviour change is difficult, despite your health being at stake. The same principles hold true for safety – even when people know the safest response the environment doesn’t always support them to make the safest decision. Research shows the whole system must change or we are setting people up to fail.

As psychologists and organisational development specialists we take a scientific approach to safety behaviour and culture change.

We know sustainable change needs to consider individual behaviour AND other cultural drivers such as business processes, systems and symbols. We work with your organisation to create a whole of system change plan, by using the following framework.

Partner & Engage

We define, with the organisation, what success of our solutions look like and measure and report on this by agreed safety KPIs.

We work with your company leaders and employees to define safety goals and discuss how our safety solutions will help you to achieve these.


  • Build trusted advisor relationships with key stakeholders
  • Leadership & Engagement Workshop
  • Communications and Project Plans
  • Agreement on measures of success

Diagnose & Customise

Company and employee data is collected to customise safety solutions that address core cultural and behavioural challenges.


Implement & Sustain

Leaders are equipped with the skills to drive change. Employees learn to identify safety issues and take ownership of change.


  • Safety Coaching and feedback sessions
  • Rapid Results Program – drives change in behaviours, systems and processes
  • Measurable and pragmatic change in safety behaviours and business systems

Evaluate & Report

We take a scientific approach to the analysis of our safety program outcomes. Results are measured against defined KPIs.


  • Report on program success and behavioural/ cultural changes
  • Analysis of ROI and improvements in agreed safety metrics

Our Reviews

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