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Safety procedures ensure your workplace is safe in theory. Safety culture ensures it’s safe in reality by empowering everyone to make the right decisions for their security, every day.

When we talk about safety solutions, we’re talking about accelerating the development of the right safety behaviours and strong safety cultures.

Safety behaviour change starts with culture

At People Solutions, we take organisational development a step further than most. Our industry-leading experts can work closely with your business to develop tailored occupational health and safety solutions and drive meaningful, measurable change.

Using diagnostic assessments formulated by our own expert team, we develop an understanding of how individuals, teams and leaders within an organisation respond to safety situations. We identify areas of strength as well as areas in need of development to create tailored workplace safety solutions that build organisational wide behaviours embedded in safe culture.   

We recognise that the development of OH&S procedures is only the beginning of improving workplace safety. While it’s important to have the right policies in place, it’s equally important to empower people to behave and be safe when there may not be any rules or they are incorrect. At People Solutions, we take a behavioural and cultural approach to encourage leaders, individuals and teams to make safe decisions in the workplace.

Our Approach

As psychologists and organisational development specialists, we take a scientific approach to safety behaviour and cultural change. We combine our extensive knowledge with ongoing research to develop cutting-edge diagnostic assessments that allow us to analyse your workplace safety. By applying the appropriate assessment to your organisation and interpreting the data we collect, we are able to put together customised safety solutions that are specific to your business.

Our high-quality products and services meet international standards and can be applied to a vast range of industries. We have undertaken in-depth research to create an Individual Safety Attributes Test (ISAT) and a Leadership Safety Attributes Test (LSAT) to determine the safety knowledge and approach of team members. Each test enables our consultants to gain a comprehensive understanding of existing behaviours and areas in need of improvement.

Having engaged with many organisations whose employees are FIFO based, we have also developed a workplace resilience tool aimed at supporting those employees working a FIFO lifestyle.

Speak to our consultants today about reviewing and improving your safety culture.

Trusted workplace safety consultants

Workplace safety needs to be impressed at every level of your organisation from the top down. Our aim is to create sustainable change in your business by providing your leadership team with the knowledge and tools to create and sustain a safe culture.

Safety Leadership Coaching

By raising awareness around behaviours and the impacts of different leadership styles in varying safety critical situations, we can begin to develop a culture that encourages safe practices at all times. Working in collaboration with your leadership team, our advisors can assist in improving workplace culture to ensure safety becomes top of mind for all employees. In doing so, team members will gain the courage to speak up about issues as they arise, with the assurance that management will acknowledge and act upon their concerns.

Our consultants will create a plan for change using a ‘whole of system’ approach that uses the following framework.

Partner & Engage

We will work closely with your leadership team to set specific objectives, define outcomes for success and determine how to measure and track progress. Once we have agreed upon safety goals and KPIs, we can tailor our strategic safety solutions accordingly.


  • Build trusted advisor relationships with key stakeholders
  • Leadership & Engagement Workshop
  • Communications and Project Plans
  • Agreement on measures of success

Diagnose & Customise

Our advisors collect organisational and employee data to customise safety solutions to address core cultural and behavioural challenges.


Implement & Sustain

Leaders are equipped with the skills to drive change, while employees learn to identify safety issues and take ownership of change.


  • Safety Coaching and feedback sessions
  • Drive change in behaviours, systems and process through the Rapid Results Program
  • Measurable change in safety behaviours and business systems

Evaluate & Report

We take a scientific approach to the analysis of our safety program outcomes in which results are measured against defined KPIs.


  • Report on program success and behavioural or cultural changes
  • Analysis of ROI and areas for improvement in safety metrics

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