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Organisational culture assessments conducted by our team provide valuable data to attract and retain your most talented employees and improve overall workplace satisfaction.

Culture Assessments Conducted With Expert Knowledge

Evaluating workplace culture gives leaders objective insights to improve customer service, increase employee engagement, and help your organisation drive culture change in the areas that matter most.

By completing an organisational culture assessment with People Solutions you can be assured that the recommendations and actions we derive from the results will have a long-lasting impact on your culture.

You benefit from tapping into our best practice organisational psychology knowledge and expertise in attracting, retaining and engaging people, and our ability to implement initiatives that will work for your organisation.

What Is A Culture Assessment?

An organisational culture assessment provides leaders with a clear overview of their current culture, that is the shared values, beliefs, and behavioural norms within an organisation that make your workplace unique.

People Solutions offers a bespoke and tailored offering with an organisational culture survey that measures known core areas of culture, with an additional, optional set of questions that can be included depending on what is important and relevant for your organisation, such as innovation, learning orientation, and support.

Where our true value materialises, is by complimenting this survey with focus groups and interviews, providing meaningful analytics to the survey data. Our reports can be easily utilised by leaders to identify areas of improvement, promote employee engagement, and align the desired company culture with business strategies.

How to leverage the results from a Cultural Assessment

The data from an organisational culture assessment informs how aligned your culture is to your overall business strategy, and therefore how successful you will be in achieving this strategy.

It identifies what areas to nurture and leverage and those that need to be a focus of a cultural transformation.

Benefits of a Culture Assessment

Our people-focused, professional, and engaging approach to culture assessment helps mitigate risk and enhances competitive advantage, with an honest and accurate account of your organisational culture.

When this data and the recommendation are leveraged by your leaders, you can achieve the following:

Increased Employee Engagement:

An aligned organisational culture to vision and purpose, as well as one that promotes psychological safety and goal attainment, can help to increase employee engagement, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability.

Better Decision-Making:

The data collected from our culture assessment leads to better decision-making when it comes to all things people.



Attract & Retain Top Talent:

Identifying what makes your culture unique is a valuable asset when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.


Improved Employee & Customer Experience:

Creating your desired organisational culture can help improve, not only your employees but also your organisation’s customers/clients’ experience and level of service, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Why choose People Solutions?

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We are a team of experienced psychologists and consultants with over 25 years of helping organisations succeed, through a variety of services, including organisational psychology diagnostics and interventions, team development, leadership development and succession planning, and entry and exit interviews.

We have worked with a wide range of organisations, from small businesses to large corporations, to help them achieve their goals. And we are committed to partnering with our customers, providing the highest quality service and sustainable results.

Who should conduct a Culture Assessment?

Any organisation that is interested in improving its culture and the experience of people working with or alongside your company should consider completing a culture assessment periodically. Organisations that are experiencing high turnover, facing challenges with innovation, or undergoing a merger or acquisition, can greatly benefit from a culture assessment.

When you choose People Solutions, you can be assured you are getting the best possible advice for your workplace and organisational culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions around organisational culture assessments, workplace culture assessments and consulting services.

What are the 4 C’s of organisational culture and how do they relate to workplace culture assessment?

The “4 C’s of organisational culture” are “Clan,” “Adhocracy”, “Market”, and “Hierarchy.” These distinct sets of values and behaviours shape an organisation’s identity.

Workplace culture assessments help evaluate how these cultural types manifest in a company.

If you are interested in assessing or improving your organisation’s culture, feel free to contact People Solutions for expert guidance.

How do you measure and assess organisational culture?

There are two common methods of measuring and assessing organisational culture: survey and interviews/focus groups.

Surveys can provide a snapshot of your organisational culture, can objectively benchmark over time, and provide a confidential and anonymous way for employees to provide feedback to the organisation.

Interviews and/or focus groups are most effective in providing more context and analytics to the survey data.

People Solutions value-add is to employ both approaches. Experienced organisational development consultants analyse the data to provide actionable insights and strategies for alignment and enhancement.

To take the first step in understanding and improving your organisational culture, contact People Solutions today.

What is the role of an external consultant in organisational culture review?

A consultant with qualifications in Organisational Psychology specialises in assisting organisations to understand, shape, and evolve their workplace culture.

They employ methodologies and tools to diagnose existing culture, design interventions, and facilitate sustainable transformations.

If you’re looking to make meaningful changes to your workplace culture, reach out to People Solutions for specialised assistance.

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