The Individual Safety Attributes Test (ISAT)

Determines employee's safety knowledge & approach

To build a strong safety culture you need employees to be more than just rule compliant. This test, developed by psychologists and safety experts working in safety-critical roles, reveals if individuals are likely to behave in ways that foster a safe working environment.

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The Leadership Safety Attributes Test (LSAT)

Defines leader's safety knowledge & approach

The LSAT helps individual leaders and leadership teams identify their safety leadership strengths and pinpoints areas that need development. This insight and understanding into their own behavioural style empowers leaders to better target and drive safety culture change.

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The Team Safety Profile

Determines team's safety knowledge & approach

When used in tandem, the ISAT and LSAT form a clear picture of how individuals and teams are operating; safety strengths and weaknesses are identified at every level. The Team Safety Profile allows you to drill down to get in-depth insights into specific areas of concern and target silos within teams.

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