Managing assessment centres

We’ve been running general recruitment and graduate assessment centres since 1999, helping our customers with everything from best-practice design and preparation, right through to on-the-day facilitation and selection of the best talent.

All roles. All levels. All across Australia.

What makes our assessment centres so effective?

It goes without saying that the assessment centres we design and facilitate meet all the highest psychology principles, as well as the International Guidelines for Assessment Centres.

And crucially, each centre is designed to meet each client’s specific behavioural and cultural requirements, with interviews, activities and psychometric testing and assessments carefully selected from our ever-evolving suite of activities and tests.

In this way, we’re able to ensure that everyone – candidates, assessors and recruiters – find the assessment centre experience is both enjoyable and useful, providing the results and insights you need as an employer to select the best-fit employees.

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About our assessment centre capabilities and facilitators

Our expertise spans the assessment centre design and delivery spectrum, including:

  • High-volume selection for operational roles
  • Graduate assessment centres
  • Research-based Indigenous assessment centres
  • Remote-location assessment centres
  • Technology-driven assessment centres

Whatever the type or location, our experienced facilitators ensure the day runs smoothly, and you ultimately garner the most valid, useful results.

Advantages of Using Assessment Centres

No matter whether you’re looking to fill a graduate or an executive level position, using an assessment centre methodology can support your organisation in many ways. From increasing the success rate of new hires to streamlining recruitment processes, here are some of the benefits that can be gained from using assessment centres in the selection process.

Improved Efficiency

While behavioural interview only recruitment methods use a time-intensive, one-to-one structure, the assessment centre models allows an organisation to review several candidates in one sitting.

Higher Success Rates

There is a strong correlation between the performance of an individual in an assessment centre and future job performance compared to a single selection method used.

Impartial Selection

With multiple assessors using an objective set of criteria, the successful candidate is much more likely to be selected on merit versus based on assessors individual bias or judgement.

Greater Insight

A well-designed assessment centre will use a range of individual and team-based exercises to uncover behaviours and various competencies, providing greater insight into each applicant.

Stand Out from Competitors

In many industries, the same pool of applicants will be vying for similar positions with different companies. An assessment centre is an opportunity to display what’s unique about your organisation through the interactions with assessors and the exercises candidates are participating in.

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