Psychometric assessment providers

As psychologists and psychological practitioners, we understand the science behind psychometric assessments. We also understand the art of delivering the most suitable psychometric testing solutions (and results) in the most suitable way, so you can confidently and cost effectively select the most suitable people for your organisation and culture.

Providing Expertise In Psychometric Testing Since 1999

We’ve been using psychometric tests since 1999, helping organisations across Australia and overseas assess candidate capability and select the right talent at all levels, from operational to senior executive.

On average, we conduct around 3,000 assessments every 12 months, measuring candidates’ abilities, personalities, emotional intelligence, skills, motivations and safety behaviours.

That’s a lot of psychometric assessments saving customers a lot of time and money throughout the recruitment process. In fact, in our latest survey, all of our customers rated our process, consultants and written reports as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Benefits of Our Psychometric Assessments: Tailored Insights for Informed Hiring

In short, you get the insights and answers you need to make informed decisions when hiring talent.

We provide a tailored report, in which we translate key psychological concepts and information into easy-to-understand business language, so our findings are clear and useful for everyone, not just during the current selection process, but for ongoing induction and development.

What’s more, we conduct a full debrief, working with your Human Resource and line management team to provide additional advice and suggestions based on the information we’ve uncovered.

Contact our team today to discuss how our psychometric assessments can help your organisations selection process.

Our Approach to Psychometric Testing: Customised and Candidate-Focused

Before we do anything, we talk to our customers. Only when we fully understand your business culture, structure and the role can we recommend the most suitable and cost-effective testing solution.

When we select an assessment and testing solution, we’re very mindful of the candidate experience – it’s our job to protect and promote your brand. We deliver the psychometric reports with plain-English insights you need to select the right candidates.

Diverse Psychometric Test Selection: Ethically Aligned with Industry Standards

We have a diverse range of psychological tests and assessments at our disposal, all designed and conducted in line with the Psychology Code of Ethics, wherever applicable. This range includes our own psychological tests, which we develop and tailor to meet our customers’ unique requirements.

This means we’re able to offer you a wide range of options; from supervised tests in our Subiaco office and affiliated test centres around Australia, to remote unsupervised testing, or assessment centre solutions. From traditional pen-and-paper testing, to the most contemporary assessment solutions using the latest technology.

Assessing Candidates with Focused Psychometric Testing

With our focus squarely on gathering the best data, we aim to make the whole process easy and intuitive for everyone involved, especially candidates.

We’re serious about what we do, but we always ensure candidates are 100% comfortable, which is as much about clearly explaining the testing process and answering questions as it is being friendly.

And it goes without saying, we’re equally flexible and accommodating to customers. We understand the time constraints involved in recruiting new people, which is why we offer options such as after-hours and weekend supervised testing.

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