How can psychology and diagnostics drive organisational success?

Our organisational diagnostics provide invaluable insights into the behavioural psychology and motivational drivers of your people. We use these insights to create highly tailored career pathing and development programs, optimise employee engagement and enhance organisational change management. In short, to supercharge your organisational development initiatives.

Which organisational diagnostics assessments are right for you?

We have access to a wide range of individual, team and organisational assessments, aimed at understanding specific strengths and development opportunities, all of which are designed and conducted in line with the Psychology Code of Ethics.

Individual diagnostics

  • 360 degree feedback
  • Leadership styles
  • Vocational surveys
  • Personality and motivational psychology tests
  • Safety diagnostics
  • Behavioural activities (role plays, eSimulations)

Team assessments

Organisational diagnostics

  • PEP
  • OEP
  • Accredited LSI consultants

How do we choose the right diagnostics?

Our accredited psychologists and psychology-trained experts will carefully select assessments to suit each individual and team, as well as your broader organisational change management and development plans.

Indeed, we won’t recommend using diagnostics tools at all unless it’s absolutely right for you. For example, if the individuals or teams at the heart of your development plans have already completed appropriate assessments, we will simply work with this appraisal.

How will we make the most of the findings?

We’ll ensure your people and your organisation are able to extract maximum value from our diagnostics by providing detailed reports, as well as verbal feedback.
This feedback will enable you to refine or recalibrate your employees’ individual career development and coaching plans and, crucially, your big-picture employee engagement, change management and organisational development initiatives.

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