How will our individual coaching improve your organisational performance?

Our individual coaching programs come in a range of forms: professional career coaching; executive and leadership coaching; onboarding and career transition coaching. But all of our coaching programs have one thing in common. They are all designed to help elevate productivity and performance across your organisation by retaining and developing the best leadership talent.

What do we know about coaching?

We’ve researched, developed and successfully implemented our action-learning model of coaching since 1999, delivering professional coaching sessions designed to help individuals – graduates, managers, leaders – develop and improve their performance as quickly as possible.

In this time, we’ve also established a large pool of PhD and specific degree-qualified coaches, all with proven commercial leadership or business management experience, who deliver our individual coaching programs either face-to-face or virtually.

What types of individual coaching do we provide?

Our coaching capabilities span the whole career lifecycle, including:

And as with all of our professional development solutions, we take great care selecting the right coach and coaching program for each individual. It’s all about finding the combination that ensures the best engagement and return on investment.

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