People-focused organisational development

At People Solutions, experience tells our consultants that people-focused organisational development is the most effective form of organisational development. When organisational development strategies and solutions evolve from diagnostic assessments and a deep understanding of your people, your organisation flourishes, faster.

How do we make success from organisational development initiatives?

Our approach revolves around people and focuses on their results, specifically Rapid Results projects. These are projects that achieve quick wins and accelerated cultural changes. For us, success is about creating positive, sustainable change in 3-4 months, not 3-4 years.

We do this by tailoring training, coaching and interventions to suit your organisational development objectives, and base everything on organisational data, either from surveys or metrics you already have, or our industry-leading organisational diagnostics.

Our diagnostic assessments and findings inform the selection of individual coaching and team coaching programs that are designed, again, for your people and the results and change you want to achieve.

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Our Coaching Skills for Leaders Program

We also provide coaching that enables and supports leaders in becoming effective individual coaches through our Coaching Skills for Leaders Program.

The program, which has been successful worldwide, is designed to transfer our experts’ coaching skills to leaders within your organisation. We nurture the ability to talk to employees constructively about their performance, wellbeing and career motivations and aspirations, which, in turn, leads to better engagement and performance.

And, of course, once the leaders within your organisation have mastered these coaching and development skills, they can support other managers and leaders in coaching their teams.


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