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Psych Testing for IT Roles Insurance Services

Psychometric Assessment for Selection (Specialist IT roles)

Industry: Automotive Industry

This Western Australian organisation is a motoring club and mutual organisation, offering motoring services and advice, insurance, travel services, finance, driver training and exclusive benefits for their members. This organisation newly introduced values, and a leadership framework, which was deemed as necessary to measure so as to assess for overall cultural fit.


This organisation newly introduced values, and a leadership framework, which was deemed as necessary to measure so as to assess for overall cultural fit. This framework was also used as a means of coaching and development for new employees.


People Solutions have provided psychometric assessment services for this professional services and insurance organisation for over 10 years, assessing candidates for Senior Leadership, Managerial, Team Lead and professional roles. Over the past 7 years, People Solutions have extended their psychometric assessment services for the selection of Specialist IT roles.


While a key objective was to assesses candidates’ personality preferences, it was agreed a significant focus on the alignment to the required competencies and culture must be maintained.

Given these IT roles are so specialised, it was imperative that People Solutions developed a deep understanding of what are critical success factors of these unique roles.

When assessing personality, it is important to understand that there is ‘no one size fits all’. Particularly for such specialised roles, it is also important to recognise what personality preferences are imperative to be successful in these positions such as innovative thinking style given their highly individualised nature.

In addition to this, competencies and behaviours that were required for these roles, did not align the typical personality matrix that were developed with typical professional roles that already assessed within this business.


In order to assess cultural fit whilst also ensuring that candidates personality preferences were a good fit for specialist IT roles, People Solutions proposed a valid and reliable personality questionnaire. Candidate’s completed these online, and candidate’s raw data was written (not computer generated) into selection reports by People Solutions Consultants and Psychologists.

People Solutions met with the IT recruitment team and discussed the characteristics of high achievers already working within these roles to understand the characteristics these individuals possessed that contributed toward success. From this, People Solutions mapped role-specific personality preferences to this organisations’ cultural framework and role competencies.

Through the use of job analyses and position descriptions, these reports were able to be tailored specifically to the specialist role.

Our delivery has included:

  • A tailored assessment matrix form, specific to their organisational structure used by HR and recruitment specialists.
  • A tailored report using their company values and leadership framework (Competency and Value mapping)
  • Feedback sessions with Recruitment Specialists/ Hiring Managers on candidate results.
  • Regular delivery of statistical reports updating the recruitment team on the volume of testing conducted and the financial investment.
  • Complimentary candidate feedback on their assessment results.


In the past 12 months alone, we have assessed approximately 80 Specialist IT candidates for this organisation.

This organisation has used these tailored psychometric assessment reports not only as a mean for selection but also as a way of onboarding and ongoing development in order to support and motivate these new employees along their journey in the organisation.

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