Case Study

Understanding personality type, communication style & ways of working

MBTI and team development

A Perth-based, boutique brand and digital marketing agency, Distl, had experienced growth in the last couple of years. This organisation wanted work better as a collective team through understanding their own, and others’ personality type, communication style, and ways of working.


The need for the MBTI workshop had arisen from a recent survey completed by all employees which identified that communication and collaboration was seen as an area for improvement for the business. Indeed, the growth this organisation had experienced may have impacted this; resulting in a number of high performing employees, who possessed strong skills and expertise in their areas of speciality, and distinct ways of operating.


Within this organisation, there are four diverse teams of experts, who need to work together on projects. For the organisation to continue to grow and improve, focus needed to be spent on improving how the different high-performing teams communicate and work together on these projects.


People Solutions recommended an MBTI half day workshop to be rolled out for all 23 employees of the business. This involved all employees completing the MBTI assessment prior to attending the workshop.

The MBTI is a well-known assessment which provides individuals with an understanding of their own and the teams’ preferences and ways of working. People Solutions has used the MBTI tool as a process of team-development and coaching previously with other organisations.

The solution involved a 4-step process:

1. Assist with Communications: People Solutions worked with this organisation to develop communications for the MBTI workshop, which included; how the information will be used and the expected outcomes for the session.

2. Facilitate the MBTI assessment: People Solutions coordinated the online assessment links for each employee to complete the MBTI Assessment. People Solutions tracked the employees progress prior to the workshop day and were available to answer any questions prior to the session.

3. Design & facilitate the MBTI Workshop: With information based on the customers current challenges, People Solutions designed the workshop to focus on the key areas of development such as cross discipline and project communication, collaboration, and work approach.
Based on the MBTI Framework, People Solutions designed and facilitated a half day MBTI workshop which guided the participants to start thinking about their own personality preferences and how these interplay with others.

Activities throughout the session were interactive and helped team members to appreciate their own preferences, as well as the styles of others.

4. Facilitate self and team reflection: At the end of the workshop, People Solutions assisted this organisation to set individual goals and action plans for understanding their own and others’ types in the workplace.

A month post workshop, People Solutions re-engaged with the organisation and provided tailored follow up reflections for the employees based on the information that was derived from the workshop and the goals they set during the session.


The half-day session was interactive and collaborative. It allowed a safe space for employees to foster and exchange of viewpoints, and for the team to discover better ways of working together. Employees were provided with a dedicated time and environment to appreciate the preferences and styles of those around them. People Solutions’ consultant was available to debrief with team members and provide individual feedback on their MBTI profiles.


Feedback from the organisation advised that they found the workshop to be a valuable means to understand themselves and those around them. It was seen to help team members recognise the reasoning behind behaviours and how they can use this to collaborate more effectively.

“The workshop made me feel more connected to my colleagues. I had conversations with people I don’t often get the chance to speak with. Understanding the different personality types also helped me to be more accepting of others”

“It wasn’t your typical, what I would consider “cheesy” team building activity. Everyone walked away knowing more about who they are and knowing more about the people they spend their work days with… and that was pretty awesome”

“Thank you to our client People Solutions for taking us through the activities, helping us to understand each other’s personalities, thinking processes and communication styles.”

Read more about how People Solutions facilitated Distl’s 2021 Team Development Day here.

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