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Virtual Assessment Centre – An alternative to face-to-face

Recruiting for entry level roles

Industry: Mining


COVID-19 presents a unique challenge for recruiting teams across the globe. While the work we do hasn’t changed, the landscape and how we deliver results has. Organisations are still pressing forward with their recruitment and finding ways to quickly adapt to the virtual world of assessing potential.

Despite the remote move, potential employees will still need to be provided an opportunity to demonstrate the behaviours and skills that are important to both the role and the organisation in order to succeed. People Solutions have been working closely with our customers to identify practical solutions to minimise disruption when navigating the virtual funnel of recruitment.

This involves leveraging technology more effectively to implement simple, practical and effective virtual assessment solutions which allow you to continue making effective hiring decisions and engaging with candidates in an engaging and meaningful way.


For over a year, People Solutions have been working closely with this WA-based resource company to design and deliver tailored Assessment Centres for their entry-level roles. Due to the large volume of candidates and ongoing need to fill positions onsite, People Solutions has transitioned their current in-person Assessment Centres, to an online, bespoke Virtual Assessment Centre (VAC). This was done both to cope with capacity, and to comply with COVID-19 social distancing.


People Solutions’ approach has been to translate interviews, activities, and psychometric assessments into viable online solutions, ensuring that the VAC follows best-practice, whereby candidates are provided fair and multiple opportunities to elicit the behaviours and competencies required for the role. This VAC involves situational judgment interviews and assessments, as well as psychometric measures specifically designed for an entry-level, operational and site-based role.


The benefit of the VAC has already been evidenced through the ease of use, positive candidate experience, the company’s capacity to continue volume recruitment, and to fill onsite vacancies with candidates that they are confident possess a good job- and culture-fit.

People Solutions continues to facilitate this company’s VAC processes on a weekly basis.


Virtual Assessment Centres Checklist

This mining company may not be the only organisation needing to transition their recruitment methods to an online medium. We’ve compiled a best-practice checklist that businesses can follow when running virtual assessment centres. You can download it here: Best-practice virtual assessment centre checklist

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