Safety Diagnostics

People Solutions take a two-pronged approach to helping you build safety culture: we help you select the right people to begin with, while developing your existing workforce’s safety behaviour. Our proprietary diagnostic assessments improve the effectiveness of recruitment decisions by identifying people with the right thinking and behaviour for safety-critical industries.

We also work with your existing employees, at both an individual and team level, to assess your current safety culture and develop tailored safety behaviour development programs.

What are safety diagnostics?

Safety diagnostics provide valuable safety behaviour information about the individuals and teams within your organisation.

We’re talking about specialist diagnostic tools and assessments that provide insights that are difficult or impossible to gain through other selection and development methods, such as interviews, reference checks and behavioural observation.

How can our safety diagnostic tools and assessments help?

Our situational judgement diagnostic tools can be used for both selection and development of safety-critical personnel.

When used as part of your recruitment process, our tools give you an objective understanding of an individual’s safety behaviour – information you can use to ask targeted interview questions or reference-checking questions.

In this way, you can minimise the risk of recruiting individuals who may not naturally display the right safety behaviours for your safety culture.

Our safety diagnostics provide valuable information about your employees and/or work teams strengths and development needs. From this information, your organisation can invest in the right safety program or training that will provide the greatest ROI.

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