Running a virtual assessment centre – our guide for effective processes

Posted on 24 Apr

COVID-19 presents a unique challenge for recruiting teams across the globe. While the work we do hasn’t changed, the landscape and how we deliver results has.

To comply with COVID-19 social distancing, Recruitment and HR teams pressing forward with their recruitment requirements (including volume hires) have had to quickly to adapt to carrying out typical face-to-face activities and exercises to ‘the virtual world’. We’ve just helped one of our mining clients transition to virtual assessment centres (VACs) to aid in their recruitment of entry level roles. You can read our case study here.

Despite the remote move, potential employees still need to be provided an opportunity to demonstrate the behaviours and skills that are important to both the role and your organisation in order to succeed.

For organisations looking to take a virtual assessment approach to selection, we’ve have put together some best practice advice to help you ensure your process is as robust and effective as can be.

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