How can re-engagement workshops get you back to your best?

Our Revitalise Program provides tailored re-engagement workshops that reboot employee-employer engagement after a significant organisational change or restructure. Using a top-down team coaching methodology, we re-vitalise your executive team and re-engage managers and employees to accelerate productivity and performance, all within 90 days of the change event.

Why is re-engagement so important?

Any significant organisational change has the potential to adversely impact the employer and employees in the short, medium and long term.

It’s our goal to interrupt and reverse this scenario, with re-engagement coaching that identifies remaining strengths and protects your organisation’s core.

What can you expect from our re-engagement workshops?

We help renew energy throughout your organisation and implement defence strategies designed to realign people and teams to your core business objectives.

Ultimately, it’s about minimising the loss of talent, mitigating low morale and getting productivity back on track – in a recent intervention, we actually increased productivity by 25%.

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