Why retirement coaching is a win-win for employers and employees.

Our Worklife Horizon Program provides retirement coaching and career advice that enables both employers and employees to plan for the future. For employers, our coaching addresses two looming challenges: long-term skilled labour shortages and the impending loss of mature aged workers. For employees, our advice crystallises the career transition pathway to retirement.

How does our retirement coaching benefit employers?

More than just retirement planning advice for employees, our Worklife Horizon Program provides vital insights and organisational development opportunities. The program provides employers with:

  • A clear understanding of their mature aged workers’ careers and retirement intentions
  • Opportunities to support, engage and motivate their mature aged workforce
  • Unique and targeted learning and development opportunities for mature employees
  • A framework for planning for the future, from both an employee and data point of view
  • An open and transparent way to manage the path to retirement for mature aged workers

How does our retirement advice help employees?

Our retirement advice and coaching helps mature employees clarify their career journey to retirement, establishing when they would like to retire and what they would like their role to look like, today and into the future. This includes:

  • Completing a diagnostic assessment of their life (career, social, financial, family, health and wellbeing)
  • Tailored career and retirement advice focused on setting goals for each area
  • Assisting mature aged employees in planning for their retirement or next career transition
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