Case Study

How to navigate the hidden job market?


David, a 63 year old payroll administrator with five plus years’ experience in one company, was extremely pessimistic about securing a new role. His age and his level of computer competence were his main concerns. It was agreed that he would find it difficult to approach the market purely through the recruitment portal and that networking was necessary. The problems were his fear of networking and that the majority of what he considered his network was retired or about to retire.


We encouraged David to think about a broader ‘softer’ network, including suppliers and clients of his previous employer that he felt comfortable talking with. This network included a lawyer who had acted for his past employer on an employment matter.


As a result of a networking conversation with the lawyer he was referred to a city law firm that was seeking a payroll officer and general office administrator. The outcome was a successful transition to a new and better position with higher pay.


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