Case Study

How to adjust to a new reality?

Outplacement Services for Individuals


A legally qualified, multilingual HR professional in her mid 30’s, Gertrude felt overwhelmed when she first started her Program with us. How on earth was she going to reassess and secure full-time employment commensurate with her specialist skills and earn money in what she felt was the two months her savings would last? Gertrude’s anxiety grew higher within weeks.


With our help she re-assessed her finances, her cash flow, and made some decisions to adjust her lifestyle (i.e. reduce her expenses). She chose to work around ten hours per week as a translator (at a relatively high hourly rate, but which wouldn’t add to her career prospects) and spent the remainder of her time pursuing her career objective.


Her proactive networking soon became more extensive and strategic and she was able to adjust her timeframes. Whilst she considered her career objective within the timeframe ambitious, she managed to secure an excellent role commensurate with her qualifications and goals within four months.


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