Case Studies

  • Transforming a dysfunctional group to a high performance team

    The Australian-wide company had invested in a new and highly modernised regional distribution centre (RDC). Key to the growth and development of new RDC was a recent acquisition of a distribution company.

  • Creating high performing cross-functional teams

    Before the team coaching intervention, there was a Ministerial Enquiry into the services, finances and effectiveness of the City Council.  From a people perspective, the organisation was suffering from low job satisfaction, morale, and inefficiency.

  • Recruiting operational employees for a new LNG facility

    A mid-tier Oil & Gas company ventured into a 100% owner-operator onshore processing facility (expansion of an existing facility owned by the company) and several offshore collection facilities of the Coast of Western Australia.

  • Cost effective development of a bespoke screening tool

    An agricultural labour workforce company contacted People Solutions as they were wanting to develop an assessment tool for screening purposes when they were hiring new personnel. Initially the company wanted to use this assessment tool for labour hire sourced from certain countries outside of Australia.

  • A global mining company with established mines and ports in Western Australian ventured into a large expansion of one of their small mines to increase its production capacity to one of the biggest in WA. To achieve this, the company needed to recruit employees for 1000 roles within a 12-month period.

  • Innovative approach to selecting Indigenous candidates

    A mid-tier mining company in the south west of Western Australia required assistance in designing and facilitating an Assessment Centre as part of the recruitment process to employ eight individuals for the company’s Indigenous Work Readiness Program.

  • Successful transition to retirement through Work-Life Horizon

    People Solutions were able to help Ian define what his retirement looks like, and outline the path by which he could achieve that.

  • Find out how we were able to help Rachael after her role was made redundant.

  • How to manage an unexpected redundancy?

    A People Solutions coach was able to help Chris with his unexpected redundancy. Redundancies can take a toll on both the individual, and the family, so it’s important to address both your emotional state and plan a way forward.

  • How to navigate the hidden job market?

    Discover how People Solutions were able to help David, a 63 year old man with lower computer competence skills, secure a new role.

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