Case Study

Creating high performing cross-functional teams

Team Coaching


Before the team coaching intervention, there was a Ministerial Enquiry into the services, finances and effectiveness of the City Council.  From a people perspective, the organisation was suffering from low job satisfaction, morale, and inefficiency.

Key objectives of this assignment were to improve the organisational culture to focus on values, raise team spirit, break down the ‘silo-mentality’ that had developed, and as a result increase productivity.


To coach the management team to agree on a shared intention, key areas of focus, performance goals and a clear working approach.  Also, they needed to select 4 cross-functional teams to be role models for the organisation, each working on delivering a key area of focus with a dedicated team coach.


The four teams, involving 30 people and representing all departments, had a dedicated People Solutions Team Coach to work with them over three months (6 half-day sessions) with the challenge to plan and implement changes in the earlier identified key focus areas of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Care and Values
  • Priorities
  • Customer Service


  • Achieved a whole team approach from a silo mentality.
  • 25% improvement in Employee Satisfaction Survey (50% to 75% rating).
  • Revised Customer Service Charter.
  • Developed and implemented a decision-making prioritisation matrix to evaluate new change programs and projects.
  • Developed and rolled out a new Strategic Plan including a Brand Strategy.
  • Created organisational values and implemented of a Staff Recognition program.
  • People Solutions awarded the 2005 Achievement Award (for that City Council) for our contribution to positive cultural change.


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