Our Commercial Research Lab

We’re in a unique position at People Solutions. As an organisational development consultancy, we understand the practical and commercial challenges facing business. As psychologists, we’re abreast of all the latest academic research. And that means we’re ideally placed to pioneer new, more effective integrated solutions, which is what our Commercial Research Lab is all about.

Applied research delivering commercial solutions

Our Commercial Research Lab bridges the gap between academic research, business and government.

We look at real-world organisational needs against the backdrop of all the latest local and global trends, research and developments in the world of HR and psychology. In this way, we’re able to develop the next generation of human resources and organisational development solutions.

Unique solutions to universal organisational challenges

By partnering with our customers to identify existing and emerging HR challenges, as well as working with academic researchers conducting research in the psychology, technology and safety arenas, our Lab team is able to harness the latest research and discoveries to solve real-world challenges.

It’s a win-win-win situation.

And crucially, our customers benefit from built-for-purpose, often ground-breaking new tools, resources and solutions – like our proprietary Individual Safety Attributes Tests (ISAT), developed by our lab and now used around the world to conduct thousands of assessments every year.

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