White Papers

People Solutions Commercial Research Lab is responsible for remaining abreast of current trends and research in academia and business in all areas relating to talent management. Our lab then works to bridge these gaps by providing solutions to our customers that are practical, realistic and valuable for their organisations. This is through researching and producing White Papers, developing new services and products and/or hosting networking information sessions. Below are opportunities to download a copy of one of our White Papers. Please also get in touch if you have any topics or needs that you would like the Commercial Research Lab to focus on.

Leadership 2025: A local perspective

This White Paper presents key findings from a People Solutions research into workplace trends and leadership skills of the future. It outlines key drivers of change and identifies core leadership skills needed for success now, and into the future.


Recruitment and Selection of Indigenous Job Candidates

This White Paper presents key findings from a People Solutions research project into the recruitment and selection of Indigenous job candidates. We reviewed academic research, in Australia and internationally, as well as interviewed Subject Matter Experts from diverse industries. In light of this information, People Solutions has provided recommendations and solutions appropriate for Indigenous job candidates. For more information on our selection solutions, see our Selection …


360º Assessment

This White Paper defines what best practice is for 360º assessments and outlines how to achieve it in a modern organisational context. This paper defines and provides details on five factors that significantly contribute to the overall success of a 360º assessment, as well as a statistical review of the majority of commercially available 360º assessment and a toolkit suitable for practitioners. For more information about …


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