Case Studies

  • Improve communication and collaboration between teams

    People Solutions recently worked with a local council in Western Australia. The council wanted to improve the communication and interactions between 3 teams that work closely together as well as the team interactions with the broader council.

  • One of our clients is a national supplier of LPG and LNG. As part of an overall review of safety procedures and protocols they recognised that the selection of key drivers was a key area that required greater diligence. People Solutions were able to aid our client by implementing a range of selection and safety assessment tools.

  • This organisation identified the need for a program to assess and develop managers, team leaders and employees’ behavioural safety capability. Working with the client, People Solutions put together a strategy and implemented it into one of the business areas where injury rates were significantly higher. The solution and results were outstanding.

  • An objective measure of safety behavioural change

    Learn how we were able to help WA’s largest power and energy distributor identify poor safety behaviours & implement programs to develop positive outcomes.

  • People Solutions were engaged to help a global mining company select their employees more stringently. As part of this, all prospective employees completed an Individual Safety Attributes Test (ISAT).

  • To empower team members to take control of safety outcomes

    People Solutions was engaged by the organisation to enhance the safety culture by developing the behavioural safety practices of their employees. We partnered with the organisation to deliver customised team workshops as well as various other assessment tools.

  • This company was created from a spin-off of a large organisation with a new Joint-Venture owner based in Europe.  A strategic plan was in place, but the work culture had not moved in line with the desired professional and ‘corporatised’ business approach.

  • The Australian-wide company had invested in a new and highly modernised regional distribution centre (RDC). Key to the growth and development of new RDC was a recent acquisition of a distribution company.

  • Creating high performing cross-functional teams

    Before the team coaching intervention, there was a Ministerial Enquiry into the services, finances and effectiveness of the City Council.  From a people perspective, the organisation was suffering from low job satisfaction, morale, and inefficiency.

  • Recruiting operational employees for a new LNG facility

    A mid-tier Oil & Gas company ventured into a 100% owner-operator onshore processing facility (expansion of an existing facility owned by the company) and several offshore collection facilities of the Coast of Western Australia.

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