Case Study

Creating a new finance team culture in an agricultural business


Team Coaching


This company was created from a spin-off of a large organisation with a new Joint-Venture owner based in Europe.  A strategic plan was in place, but the work culture had not moved in line with the desired professional and ‘corporatised’ business approach.

The Finance team faced new challenges for financial reporting and compliance, due to the fast growth the company was experiencing.

People Solutions was engaged to work with this Finance team. Key objectives of this assignment were to improve negative team behaviours, build trust, and implement a communication styles model and way of working together.  In addition, the team was trying to improve role clarity and the lack of clear policies and procedures.



The challenge was to coach the Finance Team of 8 to agree on a working approach.  This involved using appropriate models to raise awareness of communication styles, building trust, giving feedback, and how to resolve differences effectively.

Simultaneously, the coach needed to work with the team on achieving role clarity and developing appropriate policies and procedures.


The team worked with a dedicated People Solutions Team Coach over 5 months (5 half-day sessions).

The team worked through the following behavioural models:

  • Ground Rules
  • Communication Styles
  • Trust Exercise
  • Diversity
  • Observation, Reflection & Feedback

Team members were accountable for applying new habits learnt between sessions for review the following session.

The team also agreed on 4 key performance issues, and set a goal and action plan for each.



  • Created a common language for the team to use when communicating and solving problems.
  • Raised the awareness of team members about their own and others communication style.
  • Observable improvement in the level of understanding of others, and team members demonstrating positive behaviours.
  • All team members now have documented and agreed role descriptions.
  • Agreed action plan to progress key performance tasks, and a monthly review mechanism in place.


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