Case Study

Successful transition to retirement through Work-Life Horizon

Retirement Coaching

Aged 70, Ian, an extensively trained scientist with fifteen years of service had just started to think about retirement! He was comfortable with his self-image as a retiree but this image was undefined.

Ian was encouraged to celebrate his rewarding career with well-deserved yet moderate fanfare. Positive endings help create positive beginnings. With monthly sessions, time, readings, assessments and other structured self-reflection activities, Ian reinvented his world to allow for ad hoc holidays and experiences as well as incorporate new structures and routines.  The 8 sessions he had over 6 months focused on helping him identify, communicate and manage expectations of himself as well as his partner and children.

Ian’s definition of a successful retirement included more time for his daily walks, spending time with grandchildren interstate more often, finding opportunities to be a mentor in a community service group, travelling overseas, continuing to read technical journals and attending industry functions.

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